Tuesday, February 12, 2008

La Cascada (The Waterfall)

I am sitting here by the waterfall in Yelapa, Mexico trying to chronicle the last few days of my trip, but it's proving to be a most difficult task. It's so beautiful and peaceful and...untouched here that I simply want to sit, look around, and marvel.

Reclining with my back against a rock, my puff cushioning the back of my head, I close my eyes and listen to the dual sounds of the water trickling down the waterfall & the water pooling below. I think about the nature CD, noise machine, and electronic rock garden I have at home that are supposed to resemble these very sounds to lull me to sleep during nights of insomnia. How about I just come here to sleep?

While the waterfall is for my pleasure, it's a laundromat for the people of Yelapa. Women set up chairs and baskets of clothing to wash. Later, you'll find the clothes swinging in the breeze on outdoor clotheslines to dry. No washer or dryer needed. The simplicity of life here is as refreshing as the waterfall.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Question in Quimixto

Today, I sat by beautiful waterfalls where I meditated and wrote in my journal. The sound of gently splashing water is perfect for contemplating and recording the meanings of life. I look down occasionally at the revelers splashing around in the water. I consider joining them, but the brownness of the water deters me. Our tour guide comes to sit beside me, disturbing my peace. He crossed his legs and began chanting. Then he opened one eye to make sure I was watching his silly butt. I laugh. When he found out I was a teacher, he yelled out to all of Quimixto that here was their new teacher. They need one. The kids have to take a boat extremely early in the morning to go to school in the next town.

Crossing the River
As I'm walking towards the water taxi, it suddenly strikes me that I am actually walking across a rocky beach in Quimixto (kay-meeks-toe), Mexico, a small, boat-access only seaside village that only got electricity three years ago, with a backpack on my back to take me to Yelapa, another remote fishing village. What in the world is this chick from the projects of the deep south doing here?? Lovin' every minute of it is what I'm doing here.

The beach to catch the water taxi to places beyond.

Restaurant Near the Waterfall