Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pinching Euros in Spain

I'm sitting in Pans & Co, a local Subway/Quiznos-type restaurant, listening to Aaliyah over the loudspeakers & eating, and began to calculate what I've spent today.

Breakfast: Cereal & hot coco @ hostal = $0

Lunch: 1/2 loaf of bread from yesterday's sandwiches @ the market, patatas fritas purchased 3 days ago in Toledo (still fresh), cookies from breakfast, water purchased yesterday in Cercedilla ( 2 liters for .33) = $0

The Prado: Free on Sundays = $0

Reina Sofia Museum: Free on Sundays = $0

Super tasty Magnum ice cream €1.50

Dinner: 1/2 bocadillo, grande ensalada, fresca - €4.75

Hostel stay: €17

Grand total: €23.25


Anonymous Meekums said...

I can afford that. You seem to be able to budget well. Will you come do my books? LOL!

10:14 PM  

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