Sunday, July 16, 2006

Greco From a Gecko

I have seen so many Grecos since I've been in Spain it ain't even funny. Considered one Spain's greatest artists, the work of Dominikos Theotokópulos, a.k.a. El Greco, is on display in churches and museums throughout the country. Never having an overwhelming interest in art, I have become a huge admirer of El Greco (The Greek). I even raced through the uphill, winding streets of Toledo (pronounced Tow-lay-do) the other day hoping to catch his exhibit before it closed. Not only did I make it in time, I got in free with my handy dandy International Teacher´s Card. (Yay for a saved €3.50.) I'll have to study his life in greater detail when I get home.

I'm so enthralled I'm returning to the Prado in Madrid to catch another glimpse and play my personal game of A Greco or Not and Name the Greco. His use of emotion, color, and light mesmerize me. The painting shown is one of my favorites. It's titled, The Spoliation (The Disrobing of CHRIST), which is on display in the Sacristy of the Cathedral in Toledo. It shows CHRIST surrounded by Roman soldiers as he's about to be stripped in public. The ladies in the bottom corner look away in modesty and focus on the man in corner who's readying the Cross for the Crucifixion. A very moving piece.

Thanks to Spain, I can now tell a Greco from a gecko.


Anonymous jermaine said...

If you go back next year, I'll be there. Pamplona,Spain July 7th-July 14th for the San Fermin festival. Enjoy your break! Nice 104 degree day here in sunny Phoenix!!

3:52 PM  

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