Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hmmm, Do I REALLY Need That??

As I'm trekking around Spain, I can image that backpack'll feel kinda heavy after a while. Since the backpack will be my only luggage, I'll need to take as little as possible. If you know me well, I'm a huge packrat. Deciding what to take was no small feat, but the thought of carrying a big load on my back helped me scale it down to the bare necessities. Finding multiple uses for items is key. For example, the Doc Bronner's soap has 18 uses and is already my body wash and shampoo. It'll now become my laundry detergent as I wash on the road.

I've been seriously considering becoming a minimalist, so this is the perfect opportunity to see what it's like. I'm sho' gon' miss my laptop. *sniff*

Packing list
  1. 1 pr brown gauchos ($10 @ Target. So cute & comfortable)
  2. 1 pr black gauchos
  3. 1 skirt
  4. 4 tops
  5. Undies
  6. 1 bathing suit
  7. 1 long-sleeved shrug (to give my outfits a different look)
  8. 1 pashmina (gives you 10 different looks and covers you for cathedral visits)
  9. 1 jacket
  10. 1 pr flip flops (shower & beach shoes)
  11. 1 pr hiking boots
  12. Toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant
  13. 1 water bottle of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Oil Soap (body wash, shampoo, detergent)
  14. Shea butter/essential oil mix (lotion & hair moisturizer)
  15. Sunscreen
  16. Hat
  17. Gladrags
  18. 1 hiking daypack with hydration pack
  19. 1 sleep sheet
  20. 1 watch ($5 at Target. Keeps military time. Same as in Spain, so I won't miss the train.)
  21. 1 lock (to secure valuables in lockers)
  22. 1 money belt
  23. Ear plugs
  24. Mini first-aid kit
  25. Mini-sewing kit
  26. Mini flahlight w/ extra batteries
  27. Whistle
  28. Sanitizer wipes (and lots of 'em!)
  29. Digital Camera w/ 2 memory cards & charger
  30. Universal plug adapter
  31. Pedometer (to track my mileage)
  32. Snacks for the plane ride
  33. Journal
  34. Book of word puzzles
  35. Spanish phrase book (¿Dónde están los sevicios?)
  36. Rick Steve's Guidebook


Anonymous Whammo said...

Wow! That's all you're taking? I would need the kitchen sink. BTW, Gladrags???

9:55 AM  

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