Saturday, July 22, 2006


Yes, you can do Spain on €25-35/day...if you don't go anywhere or do anything. While I budgeted for travel from city to city, I didn't budget for inner city bus fare for times when it was absolutely necessary, attraction admission fees and other incidentals.

Here's where I went over budget...

  • Museums & other admission fees
  • Inner city bus fare, i.e. Mirador in Granada
  • Lost sunglasses (replacement) - €9
  • Extra lodging - extra night in Nerja (WORTH IT!) & 1 night stuck in Aranjuez
  • Phone cards - €17
  • Internet cafes
  • Lost money - €20 (that hurt!)
  • Increased fare to Barcelona because of last minute ticket purchase
Total - ≈ €180

Luckily I'd budgeted to go overbudget by about $200 (US), so I was okay. I will use this experience to budget wisely for next year's excursion.


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