Thursday, July 20, 2006

El Balcón de Europa

I'm sitting here on the Balcony of Europe, watching & listening to the waves of the Mediterranean roll in. It's 10:45 PM here in Nerja and the nightly paseo is in full effect. Babies and old alike are enjoying this magical evening.

It's almost time for me to head back to my room. I'm a wee bit tired. I arrived in town today with no hotel plans so I got an early start to begin looking. I found one of the best rates in town at €25/night. That's super cheap for this over-priced, but beautiful, seaside resort town. It's also the nicest room I've stayed in thus far. It's large with a private bath, three towels, two stoppers, A/C and TV. A very nice retreat after my last room which was wonderfully priced @ €15/night. It was also matchbox-sized, making it the smallest room I've stayed in. I had to stand outside of the room in order to take a picture.

After I settled in, I picked up lunch at the market, visited the Cuevas Nerja (Caves of Nerja) , purchased a used English/Spanish dictionary for €4 at a used bookstore, lost €16 , and had 1/2 ración varied fried fish. I don't know what all was on that plate, but I took a deep breath and ate most of it. I know there was monkfish, which I've found I like immensely, calamaritos, a new fave, too, squid, sardines, shrimp, crayfish, seahorse(?), and some other things. Did NOT like the fried sardines & seahorse! The fish is totally different here. No perch, grouper, snapper, or catfish. I like the differences, though. That's why I was bold enough to try all that was strange on my plate. Normally, I would've been like, "Ewww!"

Caves of Nerja

When I get back to my room I have some serious laundry to do. I got the whole tub fulla clothes. I'll set my clothesline up and everything should be dry by tomorrow eve, ready to be packed. It's getting cool out here. ~Later~

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope next time you go to Barcelona.

And I want to apologise they don't have toilet paper in wc. what a shame.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Tamara said...

Beautiful pictures!

2:33 PM  

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